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Why Do I Need a Process Server to Deliver Legal Documents ?

When it comes to anything legal, you need to have additional knowledge and expertise. Firms such as Process Servers Denver are on hand to deliver documents and help you with the completion of them. If you wish to serve legal papers on someone who has to appear in court then it is always best this is done on your behalf. It avoids unpleasantness, taking away both emotions and danger from a situation. Finding a process server near you is easy, and a quick online search will allow you to read reviews and read about experiences from real-life case studies. For example, if you are looking for support with your election campaign, you can click here to see how a process server can be of great benefit to your party’s outcome. This article will look at the various reasons why you should always use process servers to handle and deliver your legal documents.


A process server is important to hire to ensure that legal papers are delivered on time and that everything is correctly completed. Legal cases fail due to legal loopholes. These are created by a procedure not having been followed and deadlines not having been met. 

Impact on a Case

A process server is a useful person to know because their weight of evidence in court will have more impact than just that of an involved party. This is vital to the success of a case.


The evidence that a process server will provide includes a statement, affidavit, certificate, and in some cases, video evidence. Video evidence will prove that documentation has been received.

Process servers will know the types of evidence that are permissible in court. With evidence, it is about knowing the ways to obtain it, being able to interpret it, and then it being useable. A lot of time can be wasted otherwise on gathering and obtaining evidence that cannot be used or will simply not stand up in court. It is therefore cost-effective to hire a process server, who is someone that knows.

Legal Advice

The process server will provide their clients with legal advice. This will be based on years of experience and legal training. In other words, a knowledge of past and similar cases. It is more than just legal advice, too, because it is not just knowing what is involved and how to proceed but they can discuss the various legal options available for an informed decision to be made by their client.

Legal terminology is wordy and complex and process servers not only understand it but can explain it in more palatable terms to their clients. So, you will never be blinded by legal terminology if you hire a process server. They will explain what you need to know in simpler terms and just deal with anything that you do not need to become involved in.

Tracking and Surveillance Services

More often than not, those who are to be served legal papers will deliberately make themselves unavailable and so will have to be tracked down. This can mean that those owing money, for example, have moved addresses and are in hiding in some faraway place. Processor servers will have kept up to date with modern tracking techniques to have a better chance of finding someone trying to escape justice.

It is frustrating, for example, if someone owes you money but is missing. This diminishes your chance of ever seeing the money owed again. However, the odds of success swing in your direction when you get a process server involved. They will know what public records they can look in and have advanced knowledge of computer searching by keyword at their disposal. They will have contacts in local and national government as well as private companies where such information is likely to be held. Mobile phone records, vehicle records, and bank accounts tend to prove invaluable when tracking someone. What seems like a lost cause to an individual can be just in a day’s work for an experienced process server.

In more recent times, drones have been deployed to help with surveillance and cameras have become forever smaller and easier to hide. Evidence is going to be required for a court case, so the more means you have of obtaining it, the better. 


An additional aspect is that it is safer to have someone professional and trained, rather than someone you just know (who is not attached to the case) delivering the legal papers for you. Who better than someone with legal knowledge who knows the correct procedures, legal intricacies, and time scales the papers need to be served within.

To conclude, process servers can assist greatly in a legal case, delivering legal papers, and achieving a greater success rate when bringing the guilty parties to justice. If you are owed money, then that can be recovered, whereas without help, may have been lost forever. The legal system relies on those guilty being found so that they can be put before a court. Process servers work tirelessly to ensure that all parties to a case are found as quickly as possible and that justice is served by completing documents in a correct and timely manner.

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