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New Convenient Ways of Making E-Signatures with SignNow

New Convenient Ways of Making E-Signatures with SignNow

All companies constantly search for new ways of increasing their security and effectiveness. Luckily, information technology is always improving, which allows businesses to get better as well. To achieve the best results as quickly as possible, it is essential to focus on the most important electronic solutions at this very moment. Right now, one of the biggest tendencies in different businesses is converting all the company records into electronic format. It is a modern way of storing and managing your company data instead of the old traditional way. Having all your papers stored somewhere in physical form is highly unproductive in comparison with the new methods, which is why the old one is becoming obsolete. Keep in mind that digitalizing every document will mean that you will need a way to e-sign them.

There are numerous pros of digital record management. Look at the most successful companies on the modern market and you will see that using cutting-edge technology is not just a trend but a truly beneficial strategy. SignNow is an advanced contemporary software designed specifically for making digital signatures. In the reviews left by the SignNow users, it is easy to see that e-signing has many more advantages compared to the usual way of making signatures on paper. In addition, electronic documents are significant time savers as you can deliver and collect them within seconds.

The Effectiveness of E-Signing Software for Companies in Different Fields

Any business will benefit from a high-quality e-signature program as every company has documentation and the necessity to edit and sign papers. Some of the industries use such solutions more than others because they are especially convenient for them. Here are a few examples:

  •  Financial companies – the banking sector is the perfect example of relying heavily on documentation. Having a smooth and quick operation with documents is vital in this case for ensuring the best efficiency and customer satisfaction. Dealing with digital documents is much more convenient, and it eliminates the need for a meticulous gathering of all physical papers and processing them for a long time.
  •  Educational institutions – whether it is collecting the documents from new students or issuing certificates for hundreds of scholars, there are always tons of paperwork. Digital solutions come in extremely handy when it is necessary to communicate with foreign and distance learning students.
  •  Property sector – buying a new house or apartment involves tons of bureaucracy, and, often, the buyers have to meet with the real estate agent each time something needs to be signed. Having the opportunity to work with documents digitally and remotely saves a lot of precious time.

The Strong Points of Digital Signing with SignNow

You can easily find many similar programs on the market, but SignNow remains superior. There are some reasons that make this program so helpful and irreplaceable:

  •  Simple and understandable design – the less time you have to spend on mastering a program, the better. SignNow is so simple to use that any employee or customer can start working with it instantly. The design is so intuitive that no special training is needed to use all its features efficiently.
  •  Heavily protected solutions – the main priority of SignNow is protecting your personal data and company information. The developers made sure to use the latest encoding methods to protect all records from potential leaking or hacking.
  •  Available on most gadgets – this software can be installed on multiple devices at the same time. By adding it to your office computer, personal laptop, and smartphone you will have easy access to the documents at all times.

The Variety of Tools Available with SignNow

Placing signatures is only one task that SignNow can perform. In addition to it, you will receive the whole tool pack for creating and customizing your digital records as well as sending them away and collecting the finished papers. Here are some of the features:

  •  Different signing solutions – there are multiple ways of making a digital signature. Therefore, you have the same flexibility as if you had to make a signature on normal paper. It is also convenient for customizing all the documents in the same way within a company. You can set one signature method for everyone.

New Convenient Ways of Making E-Signatures with SignNow

  •  Keeping up with the updates – it is extremely simple to lose track of at least one paper in the hectic workflow, which is why there is the handy notification option. You can enable notifications on all necessary files and receive updates when they are changed and signed.

New Convenient Ways of Making E-Signatures with SignNow


  •  Putting signers in a queue – there is an option that allows setting up a line for receiving signs in the strict order. This possibility saves a lot of time and helps with avoiding confusion that might arise when delivering the paper to each signer one after another manually.

Improving the Performance of Your Business with SignNow

One of the mistakes that many companies make is looking for software that will take care of specific tasks. As a result, they often integrate a wide range of tools and pay for them, of course. The best strategy here is finding software that will deal with at least a few tasks. SignNow is an incredibly versatile helper that covers all possible necessities regarding editing and signing digital records.

Thousands of SignNow users emphasize how much easier and faster their workflow has become when they do not have to deal with stacks of papers anymore. Besides, any signature made with SignNow acts as a legal signature on paper. No additional verifications are required to use the digitally signed and edited papers officially.

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