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The Importance of Sludge Dewatering

If you are faced with a large quantity of sludge, your first thought may be to just remove it as quickly as possible. Resist this urge and consider hiring the services of a professional sludge dewatering team to save you money and help with sustainability. An experienced team can use high-quality sludge dewatering equipment to efficiently and appropriately remove the sludge.

Minimization of Waste

As the name suggests, the process of sludge dewatering removes the water or liquid from sludge. This leaves the solids separate from the liquids, which can help cut waste transportation costs for your budget. The liquid waste can be transported separately at a lower cost as well. Rather than having to transport large amounts of waste at a high financial and environmental cost, the sludge dewatering procedure frees you to choose other options.

Variety of Methods

Sludge dewatering can be done in a number of ways, from the use of plate and frame presses to centrifuging. Consult with your sludge dewatering team about their experience with your particular sludge scenario. By matching the appropriate equipment and removal methods with the features of the land, weather, timing and volume, you can achieve optimal sludge dewatering.

Focus on Sustainability

Since less waste has to be transported, the process of sludge dewatering is considered by many to be an environmentally-friendly procedure. Additionally, while the solids and liquids that formed the sludge may be contaminated, it can be easier and more eco-friendly to treat them separately.

Adherence to Regulations

There are agencies that set regulations at the state and federal level for sludge disposal in order to protect the health of citizens and the environment. Research local qualified sludge dewatering professionals with track records of following legal requirements for sludge removal to make sure you are making decisions that are environmentally sensitive.

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