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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad Family

If you are like most people out there, you think of single people in their thirties or twenties every time the word digital nomad comes to your mind. And while this accounts for a larger percentage of the demographic, it’s not the case every time.  The good news is that you, too, can be a digital nomad as a parent.

Also, you will find it more challenging when traveling with kids; without a doubt, kids have a lot of needs that must be met. However, if you are a responsible person, this gets more stress as you pay more attention to the financial elements. But everything can be managed. The following are ways to overcome challenges and simplify the transition:

Have your kids on board

Your priority should be making your kids understand the benefits of becoming a digital nomad. Furthermore, you are bound to be miserable if your kids are too. So, begin by explaining how amazing traveling the world will be. Tell them about the exciting experiences they will have; no boring classes or cranky teachers, just their kiddie totes and a lot of fun.  And if they are in for the dramatic lifestyle change, they will more likely enjoy the experience once they start traveling.

Maintain financial stability

It can be easy to live on a small budget when alone or with a partner. However, everything changes when you get kids. And while you don’t necessarily need five-star accommodation, kids tend to have more needs than adults. They will want a place to sleep, appropriate medical care, three meals a day, and many other things. That said, you must be stable financially to become a digital nomad family.

You can opt to be a freelancer or have a permanent remote job, both of which have ups and downs. There is more flexibility, which is best for your kids when it comes to freelancing, but it can put you at a financial risk. However, there is a limitation in traveling and time with a permanent remote job, but you are guaranteed a steady paycheck. But this does not mean that you can not be a freelancer. All you have to do is plan everything out. Ensure you have everything in line, including your next project, so there is a steady flow of income.

Start with familiar places

Remember that kids might have a harder time adjusting to a new place than adults. Also, younger kids are more prone to experiencing culture shock. Therefore, it’s good to move to a familiar place, like a country you have visited before. 

Alternatively, you can pick a country that is almost similar to yours regarding food, culture, and climate. That way, you will be simplifying the situation for your kids. By then, your kids will have familiarized themselves with some skills, and you can finally move to another place.

Discover the educational elements

Schooling won’t be of much concern to you if you are a digital nomad with kids below five. You can teach them basics like reading, writing, and some math.  The best part about the fulfilling and educational digital nomad lifestyle is that your kids will be ahead of those who don’t travel. However, things will start getting hard when enrolling your kids in school comes. This means that you should start thinking of a more formal education style, which is particularly true if you plan on re-enrolling in a permanent school in the future.

Bottom line

The transition to a digital nomad lifestyle can be hard for your family. However, once you hit the road, you will enjoy and regret taking too long to transition. Get your kids on board, maintain financial stability, start with familiar places, and more importantly, think about the education element.

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