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Tips To Make Your File Better And More Personalized Using GogoPDF

Tips To Make Your File Better And More Personalized Using GogoPDF

Computer devices and computer tools are a vital part of everyone’s life nowadays, and it is because everything today is done virtually. Whether it is schoolwork or job-related tasks, we use computers and files to accomplish both the hardest and the most straightforward jobs. With these tools’ help, our tasks can be done effectively, efficiently, and quickly without hassle.

Files in PDF format are the most commonly used format because of their valuable features, including security, compatibility, and ability to be personalized. It’s essential to make your files personalized to make them presentable, and also, it is one way of taking ownership of the file. There is no question that GogoPDF is the best tool to personalize your PDF file.

Add Watermark

Plagiarism is one of the issues when uploading files on the internet. When this happens, the file owner doesn’t get the proper credit for the files that they put so much work and effort into. This is where the work of adding watermarks comes in. This feature is an excellent tool to personalize your file and so that people will see that you own it.

GogoPDF is the best tool to add watermark to PDF free of charge. With this tool, you can add either a text, image watermark, or even both to your PDF file, and you can add it at any place in the file. You can also choose the font style, color, and size of the text. When doing this, you will not have to wait for a long time because your file will be ready in just a few minutes.

eSign PDF

When personalizing your file, it must be something that will remind people about you. Nothing makes your files more personalized than attaching your signature to it, another unique service that GogoPDF can offer to its users. When using this tool, it puts a signature tracker to your files that keep you updated on your file’s status.

It allows you to incorporate various types of signatures in your PDF file, like your actual signature, by using your mouse, the image of your signature, and you can even take a picture of yourself holding a handwritten copy of your signature. You can do all of these without worrying about your image leaking on the internet because they protect their users` confidentiality.

PDF Editor

When editing your PDF file, sometimes it requires you to convert it first to another format; when this happens, it defeats the purpose of the user for using computers and tools because, in the first place, it’s the computer’s job to make the life of the user easier. With GogoPDF, you don’t have to go through the hassle of converting your file before you can edit it.

GogoPDF lets you edit files straight to their website without doing extra tasks. Just go To their website, choose the PDF editor on the options, upload your file to their website, and you can go straight to editing it. And because GogoPDF is a web-based tool, you can do this without installing anything on your computer, which means less work for the user.

Protect PDF

Securing your files is the most crucial personalized feature you can put into your file. It ensures that whatever pieces of information it contains is safe and intact. This is important because with how advanced technology is today, it is effortless to hack into anybody’s computer and get essential files and data. 

This is something that GogoPDF is very good at. They are very good at making sure that your files are being protected. With this tool, you can add encryption to your file so that only you can open your PDF file. They apply 128-AES encryption to your file to ensure that it is impossible to open by anyone except you.


Computer devices are a very useful tool; they can make even the hardest and most impossible tasks possible and achievable. Luckily everyone has access to these devices. But there is a responsibility of managing files that comes with the convenience that these devices give. Although many online tools can do this job, Gogopdf is no question the best.

With GogoPDF, you can do so many things to your file. Aside from converting files from various file formats like PDF, Excel, Word, JPG, and more, there are still so many functions that this tool offers, such as repair, unlock, protect, and most importantly, it has so many features to personalize your file. All of these features are what Makes it the best tool for your PDF needs.

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