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YouTube vs. TikTok : Which One is More Beneficial for Influencer Marketing?

Practically everyone knows about such giant media platforms as YouTube and TikTok. Content creators like them both as they can express their creativity there. And those who have a lot of followers can also earn money on marketing. That’s why users try to attract more audience by all means. Some users buy TikTok followers .

YouTube vs. TikTok - Which One is More Beneficial for Influencer Marketing

YouTube is older and has been the dominant video-sharing website for years. TikTok is a new trendy app for short videos. It becomes increasingly popular, especially among youngsters. The app is a new competitor to YouTube and other popular social media networks. But which of the two platforms – YouTube or TikTok – are better for influencing marketing? Let’s see.

Marketing on YouTube

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) allows its most successful users to monetize their content. They can serve advertisements. Mainly these are Google AdSense ads.

To participate in YPP, a YouTuber has to meet the requirements. A channel must have at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the previous year and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Influencer marketing is common for YouTube. It has all the necessary conditions for that:

  • In contrast to TikTok that plays random videos, YouTube offers various category videos to choose from. It also plays trending videos.
  • The platform allows streaming (live videos). 
  • Youtube doesn’t limit you in time. The length of the video can be as much as you need. You can post a 5-minute video to briefly describe some product or project or make it longer and provide a more detailed review. 
  • Interestingly, YouTube users are of almost the same percentages in each age group. If your goal is to reach the customers of several or older age groups, you should choose YouTube instead of TikTok.

All in all, YouTube gives better chances to promote something because TikTok doesn’t have a fully formed advertisement system yet, which makes it hard for creators to monetize.

Monetizing YouTube videos (Influencer Marketing)

Advertising on YouTube is more lucrative. Influencers can affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why brands pay them thousands of dollars.

It’s possible to make a decent living off your video channels. Natalie Barbu (286,000 subscribers) told Business Insider that she earns between $500 and $1,000 for a sponsored video. Usually, her videos get about 30,000 views. Of course, there’s an elite group of bloggers on YouTube who makes millions of dollars annually.

Creating a sponsored content is mainly about integrating a brand into a whole video. For example, it is “Massive (brand) unboxing”, “Huge (brand) winter haul”, or “Detailed (device) review”. Sometimes, a product takes only a part of the video. In both cases, the links to the advertised items are left in the description.

Marketing on TikTok (Why is the app so popular?)

Remember an app In 2018, it had about 100 million users when it was sold to one Chinese company that rebranded it as TikTok. 

In 2 years of remarkable growth, TikTok has surpassed 2 billion all-time downloads. The app has 800 million MAU.  

At present, TikTok is a service for making 15-second clips (which can be combined to make longer videos). Users can utilize music, filters, effects, and other editing tools within the app. While was a karaoke app, TikTok users can sing, dance, act, or meme to the pre-recorded audio clips’ background. It’s a self-expression tool that gives much room for imagination.

Why has TikTok become so trendy? There was a large market of Internet users looking for micro-entertainment and distraction. And the app has satisfied the demand.

Initially, TikTok didn’t have a paid advertising feature. But it has been confidently moving towards becoming an attractive source for social media marketers. It has the following benefits:

  • TikTok has a high level of engagement when it comes to challenges and hashtags.
  • The videos go viral fast.
  • Tik-Tok is perfect if you advertise a product/service targeted at the demography from 14 to 30. It’s a hub for youngsters. 
  • The platform provides a nearly unsurpassed ability to create easily understandable content, relatable quickly, and interwoven with the rapidly changing pop culture trends.

TikTok has a few disadvantages in comparison to YouTube:

  • It has no live videos
  • Advertising on TikTok costs cheaper.

You never know if it will flop or go viral. TikTok seems to be pretty random. However, when a video strikes, there is one tendency that was usually the one that was stuck to the trend. So, it’s important to be regularly present on the app and see what’s doing well.

Monetizing TikTok videos

Though influencer marketing is not yet as ordinary on TikTok as it is on other established platforms, many brands have already realized its huge potential for viral marketing. 

When companies are looking for influencers that can advertise them, they check not only your follower numbers, total likes, and comments. They make sure that the content is actually interesting, engaging, and high quality. If you want to catch the sponsors’ attention, produce the contact that meets those criteria.

TikTok offers a unique “challenge form” of advertising. For example, you promote a branded hashtag and achieve the domino-effect that increases user-generated content (as people start participating in the challenge). This leads to overall brand awareness and promoting a specific service, product, app, song, etc. 

Or you can make a shoppable ad with the “Hashtag Challenge Plus”. You include a sponsored hashtag in your video, feature a certain product, and add a shoppable component. A “discover” tab can direct your viewers to a website where they can add the desired item right into a shopping cart.

So, both platforms are extremely popular. You can find marketing opportunities there as long as you have a high number of followers. The most important thing is to meet the brand’s requirements. 

What if your following allows you advertising on both platforms? Use the one where you can perform your work better. For example, you are a fitness blogger and are asked to review a sports brand clothing line. It’s better to make a video that is longer than 15 seconds. But if you only have to show that you wear their clothes, TikTok will fit the task. 

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