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10 Tips to Present a Successful Webinar Presentation

10 Tips to Present a Successful Webinar Presentation

The COVID 19 pandemic compelled businesses worldwide to shift their operations from offices to remote work. From this crisis, brands embraced the trend of webinars to educate their audiences and influence clients. Webinars are powerful web conferencing platforms to build brand awareness and generate leads. They continue to champion the norm of virtual conferences replacing traditional teleconferences. PowerPoint presentations pose as the perfect companion of webinars for a robust engagement.  

Webinars with eye-catching presentations prove to be perfect for impressing your stakeholders. It is imperative to construct top-notch slides for your online audience to keep them captivated in your remote webinar. Dull presentations often end up losing their interest and lead them to drop out of your webinar. Worried about how to design and present a wow-worthy webinar presentation? This article will enlighten you about some of the best tips and tricks to render your virtual slideshow a success. 

Here are ten tips for you to leverage while presenting your perfect webinar presentation:

Set Presentation Goals

The first step to crafting your webinar presentation is to keep your audience in mind. Who are your attendees? What is their goal of attending your webinar? Which presentation style will cater to them? Answering these questions will help you discover the motive of your slide decks and craft them accordingly. 

Set aside your presentation agendas and list the slide topics to create a goal-oriented slide deck. Instil a mesmerizing splash or landing slide to hook your audience’s curiosity from the beginning.

Choose Professional Templates

Stock templates often fail to outshine your presentation from the herd of slideshows delivered every day. Professionally tailored slide deck templates are a game-changer for webinar presentations to make them captivating. SlideModel offers 100% editable and unique templates designed for every niche. 

Pick templates resonating with the aesthetics of your brand and structure your ideas charmingly. Befitting templates not only reflect your presentation as more professional but save your precious time as well. 

Incorporate Multimedia to Boost Visual Appeal

A text-heavy slide deck with no images will drive your online audience to doze off into a slumber as soon as you present it. The key to remote presenting is to infuse your slides with bold and superior-quality graphics to glue your clients to the screen. Blend in pixel-perfect images, striking iconography, GIFs, and HD videos that compliment your topic.

Fabricate your webinar presentation with invigorating imagery to make it an instant success. Further, appealing visuals also aid in the easy comprehension of your presentation ideas. A pro tip here is to imbibe one or two graphics per slide to avoid a visual mush. 

Integrate Data Visualisations 

The attention span of your remote audience is minimal. Hence, breaking the dam of numbers and statistics on them will further drown them to drop out of your webinar. To tackle this situation, structure your data in stunning data visuals. Leverage some colour-coded charts, diagrams, timelines, and shapes to visualize your data. 

Data visualization portrays your numbers as more digestible to your online audience. One glance at your pie charts and histograms will assist your clients in grasping the statistical core. Display your financial reports, sales analysis, product performance with powerful data visuals.

Color Palette Vibrancy

Ensure to ingrain your webinar slide deck with a colourful charm to dazzle your virtual audience. Suffuse your SlideModel or Google Slides templates with pleasing colour contrast to make your slides speak for themselves. Place light-coloured text on a dark background and vice-versa. Choose warm colours that are easy on the eyes and stick to 2-3 shades at max.  

Vibrant and dynamic slides are more likely to impress your online clients than dull black and white slides. Another golden tip here is to stick to your or your client’s brand colours to make them spectacular.

Be Mindful of that Typography

It is not essential that all your webinar audience attends it on their computers. Some might join it from their mobile phones as well. Hence, to garner praises for your slide deck, you must keep the font style and font size appropriate for all devices. Ditch the fancy fonts and select functional fonts like Helvetica or Tahoma to exude professionalism. 

Set your font size to at least 30pt or above to make your content easily readable. Avoid typing your information in hefty paragraphs. Instead, incorporate the focal slide points in bullets to reinforce your ideas more vehemently. Make sure to leave some white space too!

One Topic Per Slide

In the absence of any in-person interaction, it is all the more crucial for you to design your webinar slides with visual consistency. A disorganized slide deck will only contribute to confusing your online audience. Fuse only one topic per slide to formulate your presentation compact and concise. 

Remember that your remote audience is prone to get distracted easily during your webinar. Therefore, a simplified slide structure will keep them engrossed in your presentation without any visual clutter. 

Interaction is the Key

While presenting face-to-face, your audience is always in front of you with consistent communication. But with everybody in remote places, your foremost task in a webinar is to maintain interactivity with the audience. It keeps them alert and active. Deliver your slideshow with spirited energy and weave it into a compelling narrative. 

Organize a Q&A session with your audience at the end of the webinar to eliminate any doubts. Keep highlighting key points, conduct timely polls, and surveys to make them participate in your webinar. Don’t forget to blend in some humour to make it sound less mechanical.

The Rule of 10-20-30

A lengthy presentation with hundreds of slides is a strict no-no for your webinar presentation. Your audience will stop listening to you with decks built with more than ten slides. So, include only the vital points to keep your slides to a minimum. Deliver your webinar within twenty minutes. Any more than that will render it tedious and monotonous. 

Design your slides with a font size of 30pt or more to avoid any eye-squints of your audience. A slide deck formed on these rules is sure to leave your clients with an unforgettable webinar experience. 

Webinar Essentials- Background, Internet, Camera, and Audio Equipments

When hosting a webinar presentation, the environment that you pick to deliver it matters the most. Choose a neutral background that does not distract your audience and limit any unwanted noise. Blur your background if necessary. Pick a place with adequate lighting and avoid sitting in the sun glare. 

You can even choose to add an extra webcam if your in-built camera is of a lower resolution. Ensure to host your webinar with a strong internet connection to avoid any breakage of the signal. Test your audio and camera equipment in advance to avoid any room for mistakes.  

Since speakers verbally narrate their ideas in the webinars, slide decks provide just the perfect visual appeal to support them. Slideshows with a balance of charming graphics, data visuals, and content can amount to be the showstopper of your webinars. Transforming virtual conferencing, webinars are here to stay as the global workforce shifts to remote functioning. Design and deliver your webinar presentation with the tips mentioned above to achieve new heights. 

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