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Interesting Ways Air Compressors Are Used

You may have an air compressor in your garage that you use to inflate your vehicle or bicycle tires. You may also use the air compressor to clean dust and debris out of small spaces. Pneumatic compressors have a variety of applications across many different economic sectors. Here are some interesting applications for air compressors.


Air compressor products Jacksonville Fl are used in tractors and other agricultural equipment to operate sprayers and aerators. Refrigerated storage for agriculture products also uses air pumps to ensure the circulation of cooled air.

Spray Painting

Spray painting wands and other tools rely on air compression to disburse the paint. The air pumps can allow for the painting of large spaces as well as small detailed items. These tools are widely used in both residential and industrial applications.

Scuba Diving

Pneumatic air pumps are used in scuba diving for the oxygen tank. The oxygen tank allows storage of compressed air that can be delivered to the diver while underwater.


Pneumatic power tools are essential in the construction industry. Nail guns, presses, power drills and hammers all use an air compressor to operate. The air tanks also allow the power of these tools without an electrical outlet so that operators can use the air-powered equipment on any job site.


Air compressors are vital components in many different types of engines. Roller coasters and other amusement park rides rely on air compressors in their mechanical operation. Vehicles use air pumps to heat and cool air circulating in the engine. Pneumatic pumps are also used to operate the braking system in trains.

Energy Production

Air compressors are necessary for the operation of oil rigs for drilling and extraction. Oil can be an unstable material and cannot be extracted with equipment that produces flames or sparks. Pneumatic pumps provide power without the risk of flammability.


Compressed air is used on the manufacturing floor within the equipment used for production. In food production, machine parts are designed to keep the areas free and clear of any debris or contamination. In addition, the pneumatics are used to provide tight seals on finished goods.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and Cooling Systems used specialized air compression equipment. This equipment uses compressed air to regulate the refrigeration cycles and produce air conditioning.

Air compressors have numerous applications, and they are an integral tool for many personal and commercial uses.

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