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4 Steps To Protect Your Data From Hackers


The incidences of data breach has gained a massive attention of the global economy, especially the input of data security and analysts in recent times. Whether you own an online business or your business is a brick-and-mortar type of business, news about data hacking and data breach occur almost on a weekly basis. If you own a business and you have not experienced any data breach up till now, then you are lucky because in the digital age one in every ten businesses suffers from one form of data breaches or data hacking to the other. 

There are so many ways to protect your online or offline business from the prying eyes of hackers. Some of the ways will be highlighted in this article. The disadvantages of your business suffering from data hacking can be so humongous

 As a matter of fact, it can even cripple the operations of your business if you did not backup your business data. Your employees as well as your customers may even stop doing business with you just because of a single loophole that exists in your business operation and a data hacker takes advantage of the loophole to wreak havoc on your business. 

So, if you want to learn the various ways to protect your business data, employee data, as well as your customers data from the prying eyes of data hackers, then read on to find out.

#1. Keep tabs on what sites may be compromised

One of the best ways to protect your data from the prying eyes of data hackers and cybercriminals is to keep tabs on what websites may have been compromised. You will agree with us that there are so many websites and Technology Solutions on the internet that have been compromised that we even visit every day. A visit to a compromised website can render your business data in jeopardy if you do not put measures in place to protect the data from the prying eyes of data hackers. 

So what you should do as a responsible business, first, you should train your employees on how to identify a site that has been compromised data security-wise. Secondly, you should make it as a matter of policy and include it in your employee handbook and share the handbook with your employees so that your employees will be aware of your company policy on data protection. The bottom line is to keep tabs on the website that has been compromised; because, failure to do this can render your entire business data as well as the data that you have tracked using different matrices useless.

#2. Create strong passwords

Another method of protecting your data from data hackers is to constantly create strong passwords for all of your login pages. If your business is an e-commerce business that operates online and you deal with different pages where your employees have to login to access your company information, the surest way to protect your business from being taken over by hackers is to create a strong password that it will be very difficult for any hackers to break into. For instance, using passwords like “12345678” is no longer visible in the present-day digital age. 

At best, what you should do is to mix up your password with alphanumeric characters. You can even go as far as making some of the alphabet in capital forms. You should not only create a strong password for your business website, you should also extend this method to your email and online banking details. There are so many reports on the internet, nowadays, that the level of hacking unsuspecting members of the public bank details is on the high side by, therefore for you to be on the safe side, it is imminent and very important for you to create strong and lengthy password for both your email bank account, and every other website that requires you to login before gaining access.

#3. Use a password manager

It is one thing to create a strong password for all of your login pages, it is another thing to remember the password for the page they are meant to grant access to. In a situation like this, it is ideal for you to use a password manager so that you can easily remember your password and what page they’re meant to grant access to. As a matter of fact, there are so many password managers on the market that would even help you generate randomized strong passwords for every of your login pages, so that you can keep your website secure and free from the eyes of data hackers. 

The choice of a password manager that you choose can make or mar your data security effort. So, in essence, we recommend that you choose a password manager that is reputable and reliable. You can do a research of the different password managers on the market and then draw up a conclusion to pick the best two or three for your business and personal record.

#4. Enable two-factor authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication is another great way to protect your business data and personal data from the prying eyes of data hackers. Many sites now use this particular measure to protect their website from the dangerous hands of data hackers. What we mean by enabling two-factor authentication is that the moment a third-party individual attempts to login into your login pages, a unique six digit code will be forwarded to your phone number, informing you that a third-party is attempting to gain access into your website. And if it is you that is trying to gain access to your own website, you can easily enter the 6-digit code to continue the process. But if you are not aware of the third party, the hacker will not get the code that is required to gain access to the website. 


There you have it. Protecting your data is important if you value your business. The advantage of enabling two-factor authentication on all of your login pages is that even when a cybercriminal or hacker gains access to your password, they will not be able to still enter or penetrate your database; simply because they do not have access to the texted code that was sent to you on your mobile phone.

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