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Undoubtedly, work experience gives significant advantages in employment, but the absence of such is not an obstacle.

Even if you do not have the necessary professional experience, you have personal qualities that determine your potential success, freshness of ideas, novelty of views, readiness and desire to develop.

This is the foundation on which professionalism is built. Therefore, you already have everything you need, and following simple recommendations will allow you to correctly present yourself to the employer.

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When writing a resume, it is important to avoid the two extremes that often play a cosmic trick on job seekers. 

The first extreme resume is its stinginess. Underestimation of your qualities and abilities, an open position “I can’t do anything” is unlikely to convince the employer of your importance. Many of the applicants – yesterday’s graduates – are unaware of how much they can tell about themselves, even without proper work experience. 

Resume of the second extreme – the predominance of too much and unnecessary information. 

Too much information is information related to professional skills, but not related to the position applied for. 

“For example, landscape design courses for the position of an accountant are redundant information that does not give grounds to characterize a specialist. And the presence of a Black Belt in karate, for some applicants, is completely frightening. ” 

Unnecessary information is information that has nothing at all to do with professional activity. “For example, if you’re writing a resume for a paralegal job, then the love to cook specified in the additional skills is unlikely to speed up your employment.

All these mistakes are the result of the fact that the resume is drawn up in isolation from the activities of the company and the requirements of the position. 


The golden mean between the two extremes is that experience, knowledge, competence, skills that you have accumulated during your training. 

What could it be? 

Work placement, independently organized events, participation or even winning prizes in competitions, conferences, olympiads, some highly specialized knowledge. 

If the topic of the thesis is related to the activities of the company, then it makes sense to mention it. Do not forget about your achievements, which are directly related to your future work. 


Effective self-presentation is not embellishment of some qualities or presentation of skills that are completely absent, but always honest presentation of oneself as a specialist with a certain basis of knowledge. Honesty in this case is expressed in an adequate assessment of their skills – “I know this well, because …”, “I came across this in the course of practice,” “I am ready to learn this,” etc. After all, whether you are telling the truth or not is not that hard to verify. Therefore, show respect for your employer and don’t embarrass yourself afterwards. In addition, honesty is a credit of trust in you in the future. 


Of course, there are situations when, after graduating from a university, the applicant cannot boast of even minimal work experience and, apart from education, there is nothing more to indicate. Even this is not a reason to despair. Temporary lack of professional skills compensate for personal qualities and desire to work. It is with this that you can directly contact the employer in the form of a cover letter to the resume. Professional skills are what you know how to do, and personal qualities are what you represent as a person with her potential. Personal qualities should also be weighed against the requirements of the vacancies. An example of describing personal qualities: the ability to think analytically, the ability to find an approach to different people, dedication and perseverance, the ability to quickly make decisions in a stressful situation, to complete work on time, etc. ” In no case should a cover letter turn into “take me,” here it is important to show your interest in the work – this should be the main theme of the cover letter.

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