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Five Must Have Mobile Apps to Learn the English Language

There are several mobile applications, which can help you with learning English. They are fun, quick, and straightforward to access. Having these mobile apps on your phone is a lot like having a mini classroom on the phone. You can use these apps whenever you are traveling or have a few extra minutes to kill.

Of course, these applications cannot replace an English teacher, but these can be a good supplement for your English class. A few of these mobile applications also have grammar lessons, vocabulary, audios, and storybooks.

So, if you have not yet downloaded these English learning applications, you are missing out. Let us take a quick look at these applications one by one.  

Duolingo – The perfect all-rounder app 

We are quite confident that you must have been aware of the Duolingo. It is undoubtedly, the most popular language application. Dedicating 34 hours to Duolingo is equal to a single university semester of the language courses, points out Jennifer, who works with TFTH.

A key reason for the popularity of this application is the leader board challenge. As part of the challenge, you will be competing against some real players. Practically, it will feel just like a game. So, you have to unlock your levels in here, and you will win virtual coins for the same. The app is a hit and indeed makes learning English fun and addictive.    

The British Council  

For anyone who wants a perfect grip over grammar, The British Council app can be an excellent help, says Martha, a blogger at TrumpLearning. On their app, you can find a myriad of lessons and games on several topics. You can start with the beginner level questions, imperatives, gerunds, and simple present, and go all the way up to modal verbs of necessity and obligation. In the app, there is something for all of you. After you are done learning from the application, do not forget to take the test and check your progress. It will help you see how well you are learning.  

Quiz your English 

For any student who is prepping for an exam, there is no better application than this one. Trust us when we say this, try this once, and it will be your new favourite English learning application. The ‘Quiz your English’ application has been created by Cambridge Assessment English, and it has levels that are designed specifically for IELTS and Cambridge B2 First, says Kiara, finance homework help tutor at TopAssignmentExperts. In the app, you will find the grammar and vocabulary questions that are quite similar to those they ask in the real exam.

So, for anyone who has a Cambridge exam anytime soon, you need this application on your phone to carry out your exam preparation. You can also compete with your family and friends.  

6,000 Words 

For anyone who wishes to improve their vocabulary, try out the 6,000 words app, says Halley, an online precalculus tutor. Well, we agree with Halley. It is the best application you will find. Through this application, FunEasyLearn enables you to learn new words via pictures and texts. The application has 6000 lexical items that are all categorized into different themes. You can find some prominent themes, such as Food and Sports, but the sub-topics are specific, such as dentistry, hockey, internal organs, and rocks. So, through this app, the vocab that you will be learning is pretty advanced.  


Belingu is one of the best story-telling applications. So, if you want some reading practice, this should be your go-to application. The application is designed cleverly to communicate a story in two distinct languages simultaneously. First, you will read the story in English, and then you can find the same in a second language. The application’s karaoke-style text enables you to read and listen, all at the same time.

On the app, you can find a good variety of content to pick from, such as popular tales, children’s classics, and essays on science and technology. If you wish to make English reading enjoyable, this is your go-to app. 

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