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4 Must Have Android Applications for Your Smartphones

To make the most of the Android smartphone, you need to have a few apps, which can increase the phone’s productivity. So, here, we have come up with four mobile applications, which are a must-have in every Android phone. These simplify your life and increase your productivity. Let us take a look at them one by one.  

4 Must-Have Android Applications for Your Smartphones


One of the best mobile applications to keep a tap on the weather is the Weather application. It has a paginated, simple design via which you can see the current weather and a forecast for about 12 weeks, some fun statistics, and radar.

With the application, you get some decent customizable widgets and some typical stuff, such as radar and a grade weather notification, to be aware of any calamity. The best thing about the weather app is its minimalist design that lets you see the weather along with a few supporting information, says Danny, who offers online assignment help services at ThanksForTheHelp. The application’s user interface is very intuitive, and the fun facts in the app only make it more interesting.

Though the free version of the app works well, it does bug you with ads. At the cost of only $1.99, you can get rid of all the advertising. Otherwise, there is not much difference between the free version and the paid version of the app.  

Google Drive 

We are all aware of Google Drive, aren’t we? It is a cloud storage tool where a user gets a free storage space of 15 GB as soon as you sign up. If your usage is more, you can pay a few bucks and bag yourself some additional storage. The suite of the Android applications, which come attached with it, is something that makes Google Drive so unique, says Nathan, who offers finance homework help services with TAE.

The suite comprises Google Photos, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Keep, Google Slides, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Practically speaking, this suite of Google drive has almost everything you may need in terms of productivity. A few of the Google Drive’s most likable features are deep sharing features, live collaboration, and effortless compatible with the MS Office documents.  

Google Maps and Waze 

As far as navigation is concerned, there is practically nothing better than Google Maps, says Frank, who offers the best online python course. Well, it is true. Google Maps is indeed one of the best Android applications to have on your phone. The app comes with frequent updates weekly, which adds to its already generous list of features. Beyond the basics, with Google Maps, you can get access to the traffic data, directions to the place you want to go, updates about the gas stations or rest shops in your area, and so much more.

Now, Google Maps even allows offline maps feature. You can add to it the Waze experience, which in itself has a bundle of its features. When you have them in combination, you will never need any other navigation application. You may not know, but even Waze is owned and operated directly by Google.     

Google Assistant or Google Search or Google Feed 

This is indeed one powerful application and works well on all Android devices. All you have to do is download the mobile app, install, and enable it. Then you can ask the assistant anything you want. Google Assistant is an excellent app that lets you control lights, take a series of commands, and do a lot more, says Lily, an online precalculus tutor. Products such as Bose QC II Bluetooth headphones, Google Chromecast, and other extent is functionality further. People who require a fast launch icon on the home screen can employ the second Google Assistant app. Of course, the app is free, but the hardware does cost you money.

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