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Flightless Birds Emoji We Commonly Used

There are animals with a wing that cannot fly. They are called the flightless birds. It’s surprising to learn that bird species have wings but cannot use them for flying. Over the years, this bird evolved and lost their ability to fly. Some factors, like divergence and human interventions, are the reasons why.

These flightless emojis are commonly used when you’re in places like farms and sometimes indicate the season. With the help of technology, we will be able to use this emoji anytime, anywhere, at our convenience. We were able to communicate a message that we had a hard time expressing through words.

Flightless Birds Emoji We Commonly Used

Turkey Emoji

In spiritual beliefs, turkey is a symbol of abundance. This turkey emoji is used during the celebration of Thanksgiving Day or Christmas on various social media platforms. Turkeys have been the traditional food we eat during this celebration. We also use this if we are on a farm and saw this wild bird.

Turkey can also be used for a non-holiday celebration and a way of giving thanks. Only American people celebrate Thanksgiving Day, but people love to eat Turkey without celebration. In another context, you can use this emoji to show strength because of Turkey’s nature as being wild.

Peacock Emoji

This emoji shows a colorful tail, the same as with the actual peacock we see in person. If you use this emoji, it would mean that someone is attractive that caught your attention like they wear a unique outfit. With its bright colors, you can use this to tell someone that they have a colorful personality.

Penguin Emoji

Can you already imagine them flapping their wings? Sadly, penguins can’t fly, but it was believed that they could fly a long time ago. This emoji can be used if you are in a cold place or winter season. Some people use this to add playfulness to their message because of Penguin’s characteristics. Penguins are one of the cutest flightless birds, and even this emoji shows their adorable appearance.

Swan Emoji

Like any other picture, Swan is commonly used to depict beauty and grace for women. You can use this if you see someone attractive based on their physical attributes. We can also see this emojis in ballet classes where dancers portray a beautiful swan during a show or competition. Sometimes, people use this to let people know that you have to be valued and respected.

Baby Chick Emoji

You can use this emoji if your chicken or duck has a newly hatched egg. In other contexts, you can use this emoji for innocence or a new beginning. For pregnant women who just gave birth, sometimes they use this to convey that they are now a Mom. Generally, people use this to let people know that there’s something new.

Rooster Emoji

This emoji symbolizes the start of a new day or morning. This is also commonly used for people to know that you are on a farm. If you see this on your screen, you can have an image of hearing the sound of the rooster or a cock-aa-doodle-doo. If you’re having chicken soup for dinner, you can also use this emoji.

Duck Emoji

This emoji is the best emoji to use for birds that cannot fly. Aside from its cute physical attributes, sometimes we use ducks in our messages that someone is ugly. We can also use this for people who have big mouths that are the same as the beak of the duck or those people who undergo cosmetic surgery for their lips.

In A Nutshell

The majority of the farm birds are the best examples of flightless birds like chicken, duck, and more. They develop their way to survive without the need of using their wings. The flight is always connected to birds, and since there are birds that do not fly, they coined it and called them as flightless birds.

Out of these birds mentioned above, we always have our favorite emojis that we always use in sending messages like the Penguin and duck. Always be careful in using any emojis because there are still people that are not so familiar with their usage.

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