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Fun Emojis to Use in Texting and Chatting with Friends

Nowadays, more and more people engage a lot in chatting and other messaging apps they can find online. It is the best way to stay in touch with family and friends and communicate with them at the most convenient time.

Fun Emojis to Use in Texting and Chatting with Friends

Another great way to share your thoughts and emotions through chats and text messages are emojis. Emojis are a modern evolution of emoticons. These are small icons that show different objects, such as smiley faces, sad faces, hearts, stars, and more. You can add a personal touch with emojis, and here are some of the most fun emojis you can use.

Face with Tongue Emoji

This emoji shows a tongue out emoji. If you share something crazy or funny to a family member or friend, you can use this emoji whenever you send them a message. This emoji is genuinely hilarious. It relays a funny note, or perhaps when you tell a joke. You want the other person to understand.

The face with tongue emoji initially became a part of the Unicode 6.1, and it was first launched in the year 2012. Now, the hilarious emoji is a part of Emoji 1.0, and it is among the most used emojis in the chart.

Squinting Face with Tongue Emoji

Another funny emoji is the squinting face with the tongue emoji. This icon basically shows a squinted face that has a tongue out. Just like the face with tongue emoji, this icon is also known to relay funny messages. It also portrays cheekiness, excitement, and happiness.

Thus, if you are up to some adventure with your family and friends and you feel excited about it, let them know on the group chat by sending the squinting face with tongue emoji! This emoji is also a part of Unicode 6.0 since 2010.

Zany Face Emoji

This hilarious emoji is one of the crazy-looking ones on the chart because it shows a cockiness hint. If you use this emoji to send a text or chat message, you basically portray a feeling where you want to act goofy and silly.

So, if you are feeling a little frenzy and crazy today, share what you are currently feeling with the Zany face emoji. This emoji might look different in some platforms and would look slightly tilted, especially on Android devices.

Winking Face with Tongue Emoji

Now that we are talking about crazy and fun emojis, this winking face with tongue emoji should not be forgotten! This emoji showcases a broad grinning face with a tongue sticking out of its mouth. It may look similar to the face with tongue out emoji, but the eyes are different in this one because it winks at you.

This emoji basically relays a message that shows wackiness, teasing, or a sense of craziness and fun. According to emoji history, the winking face with tongue became a part of the Unicode 6.0 batch of emojis since 2010, and later on, was added to Emoji 0.6.

Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji

If you feel something is funny, but you have a shy laugh, this is the best emoji to use. The face with hand over mouth emoji showcases a sign of concern, sometimes a mild surprise or shock. Sometimes, users use this when they find something funny or blurt out something that isn’t supposed to be said.

If you feel cheeky or want to giggle at something, this emoji will relay the message to the person you send the text. This emoji became a part of Unicode 10.0, and it has been a certified emoji since 2017.


Whatever happiness or sadness you feel, emojis will relay your message in a more personal and fun way. Make your text and chat messages better. With this brilliantly-made and funny emojis and share happiness with everyone today!

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