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How to enable Screen Share on Discord Server ?

Discord is a powerful chat application just like WhatsApp which enables you to have to chat with friends, family and also helps you to form communities for games, business, etc. One of the best features discord has is the ability to let 10 people join in a video call with their screens being shared on the video call. Yes, you can easily share your screen on the video call. Unlike Zoom with lets you video call to 100 people in a single meeting, discord will allow you to communicate with 10 people at a time. 

Here in this post let me explain to you how to enable screen share on the discord server in few simple steps. 

Note: Video calling and screen sharing can be done in discord without even installing any additional add-ons. All the features required to do that are in-built in the app.

Before getting deep into the discord settings, we must make sure the camera and audio feature in our client machine are up to date and has no-fault. Faulty video-audio hardware will interrupt the best performance of the discord app. For doing a video call with screen sharing, you must have a desktop and discord client installed on it. If you are trying to do this with a mobile app then this post is not for you.

Step 1: Test your video and audio.

In the settings menu, you can see an option called app settings. In that app settings, you can see the Voice and video option. You can use the button called test video to test the camera and audio quality of the discord. You need to choose the camera from the dropdown in the sidebar. Also if you are using the discord from the web browser then there will be a popup saying that you need to accept it before you start testing your audio and video device.

Step 2: Add your friends or your co-workers to the contact list.

You can start a video call with the persons you have added to the contact list. So you need to add everyone to the contact list whom you wish to call. After you have added them to the list, go to the contacts page and click on friends.

In the list select the friend you want to call. At the end of the list, you can see a video call button. You can hit the button and start a call.

Step 3: Sharing your screen

Once you enter into the video call you can share the screen with the audience in the video call. To share the screen there will be a button on the top of the video. A button with a share icon inside a screen. This button is for sharing the screen inside the discord for presentation or any other purposes. 

Do you know the best part of this screen sharing? You can swap the screens at any given time. If you need to switch to video then you do it with a click of a button. If you need to share the screen then you can do so just like the same. I hope you can understand how easy this method of sharing the screens is. Not only these features, but there are some more features that you need to know if you like to use discord with good efficiency.

Features in discord:

Quick call leave:

When you are in a video call there will be a red button at the bottom which will make you leave the call in seconds. You will not even be asked for confirmation. This is an easy way to leave the call. But be careful around this button even if you click it accidentally the call will get dropped and you need to join again to the call with the link. If it is a private group then you need to ask permission from the room creator to join the room again.

Full-screen switch:

When you are in the middle of the presentation and you need to have the screen wide enough to see all the important details clearly then you need to make the screen full. In discord, there is an option called the full-screen button, which on hitting will make the presentation screen into full-screen mode. Now you can see even the minute details in the video.

Toggle camera:

You might be aware of these toggle camera features, it not anything complicated just the ON and OFF feature of the video camera. If you pause the video, you can do so with a single click.

Picture-in-Picture view:

This is one of the awesome features in Discord. Picture-in-Picture view means if you hit the back button when you are in the video call then the video call screen will get minimized and you can access all the other features the discord gives you to access. You can check the DM of some other person while in the video call. This feature is the picture-in-picture view. This feature is already with the Facebook videos where you can watch videos and browse the newsfeed at the same time.

Mute / Unmute the microphone:

Discord gives you an option to mute or unmute the microphone whenever needed. You can mute the audio alone with the click of the button if you don’t want your audio to interrupt the whole room. Also if you need to answer any question or present yourself then you can unmute the microphone and talk to the group. This one-click button feature is very popular among discord users.

Is this screen-sharing version free in discord?

Yes, of course. There is a premium subscription with discord but that has some other extra features and this screen sharing feature is absolutely free with the discord users.  You don’t need to include any add-on or use any other feature to enable the screen sharing feature in the discord. Also, note that you need to use the discord in laptop/desktop in order to share your screen. You can’t share your screen if you are using discord on mobile.


If you still have any doubts regarding the usage of the screen sharing feature of the discord then let us know in the comments below.

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