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How to Use Proxies for Market Research

How to Use Proxies for Market Research

Why are Proxies Essential for Market Research? 

The last few years have seen a rise in market research using proxies. This is due to the security, anonymity and detailed data collection delivered by web scraping proxies. For effective market research, a business must have reliable, cost-effective and target-oriented research methods. If you want to learn more about a market research solution, you can find more information on Oxylabs website or read the article below.

Proxies have proven to be more reliable in market research, data gathering and analytics than traditional methods. The main proxy types are residential proxies and data center proxies.

So, How does a Proxy Work in Market Research?

Businesses use market research to project sales, growth and identify new market opportunities. Targeted research enables a business to fulfill a need the market exposes.

Use of intelligent market research methodologies target market trends, competitors’ progress, and consumer behavior.

To achieve this a business must have a plan and goal requirement.

A proxy is useful in market research because it provides anonymity as well as access to restricted sections. We will look at marketing research proxies more, but first;

What Does a Business Need to Know Before Research?

Business goals

Data hoarding is a result of carrying out unplanned market research. A business needs to have a clear plan of what they are after. Is it pricing details, market scopes, customer details; be specific. This saves the company from receiving cluttered results, assigning sorting resources, and storage space.

Data Usability

When carrying out the research, data collected is not for present use only. The target should be to define the direction the company aims to grow in. This will assist the business in making futuristic projections and having a profitable growth plan.

Using the Right Proxies for Market Research

Use of the right proxies to extract data for market research is essential. A Proxy that collects more specific data with optimum speed and time is better placed to grow a business.

Quality over Quantity

Inaccurate and low-quality data affects the results delivered and the future growth of the company. However, high-quality data with accurate information no matter how small gives the business a precise outcome.


Good market research is continuous and a never-ending process. The market research procedure chosen should be sustainable for projected growth.

What are the Available Market Research Methods?

Online Surveys

Surveys involve obtaining information by asking grouped questions and collecting specific data. If you need to collect data to represent a large group of people, you may wish to take a look at some sampling methods to see how you might be able to get a result from a survey that represents a wider population from a small amount of people. The advantages of a survey are: the data is received in real-time making sorting easier. It is also cheap and directed to the target audience based on predefined characteristics.

Social Media Listening

This is the use of listening tools on social media to monitor brand mentions and evaluations. The tools can be set to target industry discussions, competitor performance on social media and specific keywords aligned to one’s business.

The advantages of social media listening are real-time alerts to market trend changes. Authentic insights to brand reception and response.

Web Scraping

It is a method used to extract large amounts of data in a fast and accurate way. It uses automated tools that target specific websites for exact details as presented by the market researcher. Web scraping makes market research easier, far-reaching and less time-consuming for businesses.

Market research employs the use of different proxies. In this article, we will highlight the most common proxies.

Data center Proxies

These are proxies that mask IP addresses without connecting to an ISP. They use IP addresses from a data center server. Their independence offers high connection speeds, unblock geo-blocked websites and offers web scraping services.

The proxies offer all-in-one services for businesses. Brand protection is vital in online monitoring and using an independent proxy ensures less chance of exposure.

Advantages of Data center Proxies

Datacenter proxies are purchased in bulk; this means they provide a number of IP addresses to alternate with while doing heavy work like market research. They offer high performance and connection speed, much like the benefits of using a proxy format tool. They provide fast response times which works well in research. They are affordable and easily available all over the world.

Residential Proxies

A residential proxy IP address is provided by an ISP to a homeowner. They hide your real IP and allow you to route browsing requests through a residential network. Residential proxies are therefore real and more trusted.

Advantages of Residential Proxies

Residential proxies can detect pricing strategies set by competitors and fake reviews. They are better at mining data because you can send many browsing requests without being blocked. This means you can collect large amounts of data when researching.

Residential proxies are more popular.Most businesses use residential proxies for monitoring potential customer, market trends, and competitor pricing.


Market research is an online trend gaining popularity with the increase of online businesses. The focus of the global market demands that businesses have a futuristic plan about current trends.

Residential proxies offer the best market research tools. With the ability to do continuous mass data extraction, a business is always well informed. Businesses must have a precise growth plan well-articulated in their research. This way it avoids unnecessary data collection, sorting and storage.

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