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Personal Injury Loans – What You Need to Know

Personal injury settlement loans can help plaintiffs level the playing field against insurance companies. These advances are repaid from the proceeds of a lawsuit settlement.

Personal Injury Loans - What You Need to Know

These funding companies offer cash advance loans without a credit check or employment verification. They are also non-recourse, meaning borrowers only pay back the loan amount if they obtain compensation from their case.


Medical bills are a large part of the financial burden of many clients following a personal injury. It’s essential that your clients don’t feel so overwhelmed that they are forced to accept a lower settlement to pay their bills. However, a personal injury loan may be an option if they need money to cover bills and ongoing medical care.

Lawsuit funding companies offer a legal finance product called “personal injury loans” or “pre-settlement funding.” This type of financing differs from traditional loans because it is based on the anticipated value of your case and your attorney’s ability to settle it rather than your credit history.

The personal injury loans can help your clients cover bills and expenses related to their injuries while they wait for their cases to be resolved. This can be especially helpful for plaintiffs facing mounting medical bills that they cannot afford or for those whose injury has left them unable to work.

The application process for personal injury lawsuit funding is pretty simple. You will need to provide your client’s information and the details of their case. Then, the company will evaluate their case and determine if they are eligible for funding. The company will deliver the funds directly to your client’s bank account if they are.


The amount you receive from personal injury lawsuit funding may seem like a lot, but it’s essential to remember that you will need to pay back the loan plus interest. It’s also important to be aware of compounding interests, which can significantly increase the amount you must repay. We encourage plaintiffs to take out only the amount they need.

Personal injury settlement loans allow injured claimants to meet their financial needs while waiting for a settlement. They can help pay living expenses, medical costs, and other damages associated with their injuries. This type of funding can help prevent insurmountable debt caused by the long wait for a compensation payout.

Litigation funding for personal injury victims is becoming a popular industry that raises ethical concerns and questions about its cost. However, this type of lending is legal and can be a helpful solution for people who need to pay their bills while waiting for their case to settle.

Lawsuit funding companies typically analyze the details of a potential borrower’s lawsuit and consult with their attorney before offering them a settlement advance. In most cases, these firms only provide a small percentage of the expected settlement or award from the lawsuit. This allows them to evaluate the risk of the loan and determine whether it is a good investment for them. They also need to ensure that the plaintiff’s case will likely reduce their risk.


Sustaining a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence can create compounded financial stress for those affected. In addition to incoming medical bills, injured people can find themselves having difficulty paying for rent or their other obligations without the ability to work full-time. This can quickly result in debt accumulation that could derail any recovery efforts.

Personal injury lawsuit loans or legal funding are different from traditional loans in that they do not require employment verification, income verification, credit scores, or other strict requirements that lenders typically have for loan approval. The only qualification for pre-settlement funding is that the plaintiff’s attorney has a strong case and evidence that the defendant owes them an obligation, breached that obligation, or was negligent in causing their damages.

In exchange for this risk, the legal funding company will receive a lien against the proceeds of your lawsuit and be paid back when your settlement or verdict is obtained. This eliminates the risk to you and provides the flexibility of being able to pay your bills while you wait for your case to settle.

When applying for a personal injury loan, the best option is to work with an established legal funding company with a reputation for providing transparent and easy-to-understand terms. This company will give you the money you need quickly so that you can begin paying your bills and expenses.

Interest rates

As personal injury loans are often used to cover expenses related to a lawsuit, it’s essential to understand the interest rates that are associated with them. This information can help determine if a personal injury loan is your best option. Personal injury loans have high interest rates, making them more expensive than other loans. However, you can avoid paying excessive interest by researching the lenders offering personal injury loans and shopping for the best rates.

Pre-settlement funding companies take a substantial risk by lending money against the proceeds of a pending settlement. The legal funding company charges a high-interest rate for taking on this risk. However, the lender will only receive payment if the case is successful and the client gets a fair award.

Personal injury loans can be an excellent solution if you’re in a financial bind and need cash until your lawsuit is settled. Before applying for a personal injury loan, it’s essential to do your research and find the best lawsuit loan company. Avoid using a broker and work directly with a legal funding company to ensure you get the best possible rates and fees. In addition, look for a company that offers the lowest compound interest.

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