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Things To Know About Hydraulic Shaft Seals

Hydraulic shaft seals play an important role in maintaining the hydraulic cylinder. Their main role is to contain the fluid and to prevent leakage between the components. If you’re new to the concept of hydraulic seals, there are a number of things you need to know about these parts. Consider the following:

Things To Know About Hydraulic Shaft Seals

Hydraulic shaft seals come in two different categories.

There are essentially two different types of this equipment. This would include the type that can be used in between parts that are always in motion. The other type would be static, and these are used between a set of fixed components. Dynamic seals usually will play a role in protecting the rod and head. Static seals are normally positioned between the piston and the piston rod and they are usually located between the cylinder bore tube and the head.

There are a number of subtypes attached to the hydraulic seals.

hydraulic shaft seals can actually fall in a number of different categories. These would include such types as piston seals, which can function as a pressure barrier; rod seals, which work to properly maintain the fluid within the cylinder; buffer seals, which work to improve the performance of rod seals; wiper seals, which block external contaminants from entering the cylinder; guide rings, which prevent the metal from having contact and inadvertently causing damages.

There are a number of ways that a hydraulic seal can stop functioning.

Finally, there are actually quite a few ways that hydraulic shaft seals can cease to function. First of all, they can break down by hardening, which can occur by high temperatures. This often can happen when the seal is exposed to a high fluid temperatures on a regular basis. A seal can also break down through wear, which can happen simply because of poor lubrication or a high lateral load. Scarring is another way that a hydraulic shaft seal can fall apart, and this often happens because of improper installation. Finally, breakdowns can happen because of fracture, contamination and chemical erosion.

Knowledge is power, and if you follow these guidelines for hydraulic seals, you are sure to save yourself valuable time by getting it done right the first time!

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