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Tips to Buy A LOL Account

Video games have certainly taken most of the playtime among most children. However, these games are not just limited to children alone but teenagers and adults as well.

One way in which people socialize and interact is through gaming. Having a LOL account is among the easiest ways of making friends globally as you play.

There are so many places in which one can buy these accounts. An example is unrankedsmurfs which are the most secure with instant delivery.

It is essential that you have some tips in mind that come in handy when buying an account. Let us discuss some.

  • Instant round-the-clock delivery

When finding the best place to buy a League of Legends, ensure they offer their services all through the day and night. Some sites only do deliveries at a stipulated time and past it, they cannot help you.

You do not want to buy an account on a Friday evening and be kept waiting the entire weekend. An ideal place should have a well-serviced system that can automatically process purchases and ensure a buyer gets their package immediately.

How cool would it be to make a purchase even in the middle of the night and get your order immediately after? Once payments are done, credible places ensure you get automatic delivery on screen and via emails.

  • Free warranty

It is important to ensure that whatever you buy, whether electronics, vehicles, or in this case accounts, have a warranty. Anything can happen just a few hours or weeks after you use it. Sometimes, the accidents or problems are not intentional.

Is there a free warranty for an account in League of Legends after purchase? How long is the warranty? Is it free, or must you pay for it? These are some of the questions that have to be answered when finding a place to buy the account.

Different places offer different periods of time. While some have a warranty for a certain period, others offer a lifetime warranty. Of the two, the best choice would be a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty means that you will be offered support for as long as you have the account.

Should anything happen to your LOL, all costs will be covered by the warranty. In case of any challenges or problems, you will be instantly offered services to ensure a solution is found. Always keep in mind that warranty should be absolutely free.

Warranties are a guarantee that there is no likeability of your account being banned because it has been frequently used in other regions.

  • Ranks

Most gamers want to be on the same level as topmost players. This means that when they play, they want to move up to higher levels.

Buying an ordinary LOL account limits the possibility of one ever being among the best players. It is quite challenging to move to higher levels with an ordinary account. However, an upgraded one is more advanced.

It opens doors to many features and tools that an individual could add to their experience. It is also way easier to get to higher levels when using an upgraded version. Ensure the upgrade has at least 30 ranks before buying it.

  • Unverified account

Another important tip is to ensure your account is unverified. Stop any transactions once you are asked for verification. Verification is warning lights telling you there is a high possibility of hacking.

Verification equals hacking. You are likely to lose everything should you blindly buy a verified account. You will not only lose the money spent during the transaction but also the whole account. You completely lose ownership although you paid for everything.

Avoid the pain and regret of losing an account by purchasing only the unverified ones. Invalidated smurfs are the best option here.

  • Payment methods

Are you comfortable with your seller’s payment method? Is it safe and secure? These questions are vital because a little hitch and you lose your money completely.

If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the transactional website, feel free to ask for an alternative. Technology used when making these transactions should be secure and safe.

Avoid sellers who ask you to send money to foreign and unfamiliar banks. There is always a risk of the money being channeled somewhere else. Since the payment method was not safe, you cannot track where your money went.

These little mishaps will cost you money because they will not be traced back nor will you be given any refunds. Do not be in a hurry to make payments, do your due diligence to ensure it is safe and secure.

Sellers with secure technological gateways are the ideal ones. They ensure everything runs smoothly making it quite difficult for hackers to steal money from their clients.

  • Reviews and reputation

The easiest and fastest ways of finding quality products online is through reviews and reputation. All the good companies that have been in the market for long have set up websites that allow their customers to interact.

Find the website to a credible seller and read the reviews posted there. The reviews and how they respond to complaints from their clients should help you decide if you still trust the sellers. However, note that some websites do not have genuine reviews. Most of these websites are usually still new on the internet yet they only have positive feedback.

Reputation is witnessed in reviews. If you hear a lot of complaints about a certain company selling LOLs then avoid them. Instead, opt for one that has been vouched for by many.


League of Legends is the most exciting gaming available in the market because it has a range of games. The tips discussed above should be among the considerations you make when buying an account.

Go for companies that sell accounts with no regional boundaries. In this way, you have the luxury of playing with people from around the world. Most importantly, ensure to buy from a seller who offers privacy protection to their buyers. Follow these tips and end up with the best account that gives you a value of your money with maximum fun.

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