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What Are the Best Jobs Available in Nigeria ?

Nigeria is a country full of dreams and ambitions. Its hard-working people support the country’s economy and positively take up many challenges each day. The country has a mixed economy with many sectors emerging in the field; Nigeria’s future seems to be promising. 

Moreover, Nigeria’s government does many measures to ensure the people of Nigeria have safe and secure jobs. The federal government recruitment process is one of the best ways to get a suitable job in Nigeria. You can fill the recruitment forms and find the jobs that pay you well according to your career aim. 

Thanks to the expanding manufacturing and industrial sector, Nigeria’s jobs have increased after seeing a dry spell in the past five years. Many youngsters who are willing to make their careers must rely on a platform that gives them details about Nigeria’s jobs. 

Finding the Best Jobs Available in Nigeria

To have the know-how of recruitment updates and news, and ongoing recruitment in Nigeria, you can use the internet. Many online platforms aim to provide genuine information about jobs in Nigeria and the right time and way to apply. And since the number of degree holders and job seekers is ever increasing, it is important to keep yourself updated about the ongoing jobs. 

Are There Good Jobs in Nigeria 

Nigeria is a country that has seen hard times when it comes to the economy. With an unemployment rate that has not been good for the economy, Nigeria’s jobs are always short. And the most common job sector in Nigeria is the agriculture sector, so there has been a drought in other professions. 

But thanks to technology and growth in the industrial sector, Nigeria is seeing some good times now, and the future even seems more promising. A common Nigerian appointed on a regular job earns between N 30,000 to N 200,000 per month, but some professions are so blessed that they offer millions of naira per month.  While the recruitment process for jobs in Nigeria is tough, it is no surprise that the government is doing its role to ensure the economy is not compromised. 

There are many good jobs in Nigeria, and it is good to know that recruitment in a highly paid profession in Nigeria is dependent on good education, skills, and experience. So there is not much politics involved in that regard, and a person who is working hard and has a good skill-set can have a good job in Nigeria. 

The Best Professions in Nigeria 

In a country where the economy has already seen a huge blow, it is tough to choose the right profession for you. Depending on the limited and only a few sources of income that pay considerably well, Nigeria has some of the top jobs that are considered as the cream of the cake. 

Petroleum Engineer

Being a petroleum engineer in Nigeria is a perk because the country is blessed with rich natural resources. Although the process to become a good petroleum engineer in Nigeria is tough because it requires a degree from one of the most reputed industries in the country. But for someone who is interested in this field, this job pays well. 

It is also one of the most highly paid professions in Nigeria. 


A surgeon anywhere in the world is highly paid. They are one of the most respectable and reputable people of the society, and as a surgeon, you cannot just take your life lightly. Becoming a specialist in any field of medicine requires not only years of experience but also hard work that takes up a substantial portion of your life. But when it comes to paying, surgeons are definitely one of the best-paid professions in Nigeria. 


Earning and making your dream come true? Nigeria is a treat to its pilots, and it is also one of the most highly paid jobs in the country. Becoming a Nigerian pilot is a great deal because the aviation school costs you a lot. You cannot just become a pilot and fly aircraft, but there are only very few pilots in Nigeria and mainly because of the high charges of aviation schools in the country. But once you become a pilot in Nigeria, you are in one of the highly paid people. 


Although the lawyers of Nigeria don’t have it all breezy, their earnings are enough to be classified as one of the people in the upper-middle class. The Nigerian lawyers are great earners, and this is because the law degree in Nigeria is very rare but valuable. In Nigeria, the legal profession is highly structured. So, in order to practice law, you must first obtain a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from an accredited institution.


It is one of the hardest and tough on-brain professions to get into, but accounting is worth it. Being an accountant in Nigeria is no joke, and the pay is also in millions. If you have a professional accountant certificate and have spent at least three years to secure that degree, then your professional future is in good hands. 


The medical profession pays well, and that is true. The pharmacist is also another highly paid and respected profession in Nigeria. You have to get a bachelor’s degree in B.Pharm and then apply for the relevant job. The study to become a pharmacist is hard, and it is also very expensive considering the cost of medical schools, but the results are great. 

Final Remarks

Applying for a job and finding out whether you are approved or rejected is one of the toughest times in anyone’s life and if you are someone in a country that is struggling, then finding a job is no piece of cake. You are always competing against millions of people who are applying for the same field. 

Nigeria is somehow the same, the jobs are fewer, and the candidates applying are huge, but only the best ones secure the job, so it means you have to be smart and hard-working to get a job in Nigeria. 


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