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Top 8 Best TV Apps of the Year

Top 8 Best TV Apps of the Year

For avid TV watchers, TV apps on smart phones and tablets are nearly priceless, as they allow users to keep up with their favorite shows wherever they go. From streaming apps to TV schedules to the latest TV information apps, there is always a way to stay connected. There’s a TV app for every need!

Because the market is saturated with apps, it can be hard to distinguish the failures from the greats until after paying the price. There are so many great apps available, that it can be tough to find the good ones. Thus, here are the top 8 best TV apps available:

 1. TV Guide

This app is great because it allows people to see what will be airing on TV in the upcoming days. For those who prefer more detail, this app allows users to create watch lists for certain shows, as well as alerts for shows so no one has to worry about missing a favorite. The TV Guide app is the natural evolution of the TV Guide magazine that contained all sorts of viewing information.

2. HBO Go

HBO Go is a subscription based app, which allows subscribers to stream any HBO content on their smart phones or tablets. Not only can you watch original HBO UK and US shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective, there are also bonus features, such as a watch list feature where users can create a customized list of movies and TV series to keep tabs on. HBO Go is available on all sorts of devices, including your computer, and can be subscribed too as a standalone service, if you don’t already have HBO as part of your TV subscription.

3. GoWatchIt

This TV app is a resource app for TV and movies. If looking for a particular movie or show, search for it in GoWatchIt. The app searches through a lot of sources, including Fandango, Amazon Prime, TV channels, and other platforms, and will send an alert when the movie or show becomes available.

4. Series Guide

This app is Android only, and it allows users the ability to track TV series. It provides information about when a show will air, what previously aired, episode synopses, etc. It’s great for catching up on a series, or if you may have missed an episode. Moreover, users can set alert on their calendars, reminding them when a show will air.

5. DISH Anywhere

This DISH app acts as a companion app for DISH subscribers, as it gives users the ability to watch all subscribed channels right on their smart phone or tablet, including DVR-ed programs and on-demand videos via Wi-Fi or network signal. This app only works if you already subscribe to DISH network, so it may not be available for everyone.

6. PBS Kids

This app is particularly popular with parents, as this app is full of kid-friendly material that can be watched on smart phones or tablets from any location. Parents and kids can stream thousands of different videos, including Curious George and Sesame Street, straight to a mobile device. Moreover, there are new shows added every week, and the app also has information about how educational each show is.

7. Amazon Instant Video

This app allows users the ability to rent or buy different shows or movies, or stream certain ones for free if a member of Amazon Prime. Amazon has received a lot of acclaim lately for its original programming, which is available exclusively through Prime. Additionally, many shows available on Amazon Instant Video aren’t available elsewhere.

8. Netflix

Along with other streaming apps, Netflix is a paid subscription service where users can stream movies, shows, documentaries, and other videos over their smart phone or tablet. New Netflix shows and movies come in and out each month, so there is always a variety. Netflix has won awards for it’s original programming, and with shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Narcos, there’s always a new show to get into.

With these apps, no one will ever miss their favorite show again. Download a few of these apps and determine which works best for you!

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