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How To Make A Loom In Minecraft ?

A loom is available in different versions and platforms of Minecraft. It is an essential item you can include in the inventory. A loom is a new type of crafting table. The players can prepare them using a banner, a dye, and a banner pattern. The crafting of the fantastic banners together is possible for the players. In order to get success in getting the banners, you can follow some quick steps.

How To Make A Loom In Minecraft

With these steps, the creation of fancy banners is possible. There are different patterns available so you can choose the best one. However, you should not forget about the materials to gather to craft the loom as per the pattern.

Required materials for crafting the loom 

  • Two Oak Planks
  • Two Spruce Planks
  • Two Birch Planks
  • Two Jungle Planks
  • 2 Acacia Planks

These are the materials that you need to gather to create the loom. After collecting the items, the crafting of the loom will become simple for Minecraft players.

Open the crafting menu 

Opening the crafting menu is the first step that you need to follow. The ideal size of the crafting grid is 3*3 to get the desired loom in Survival mode.

Adding the items to make a loom 

In the crafting menu, there is a need to fill the items. The placing of the items in the menu should be in a correct pattern. It will allow you to play the game easily with quick access to the tool. For the loom, you can use any type of wooden plank.

In the first row, you can place one string in the first box and one string in the second box. In the second row, you can put one wooden plank in the first box and one in the second box. It is the main recipe of the loom. The box will appear to the right while playing the game.

Move the loom to inventory 

Once you have created the loom, then you can move it to the inventory. It is the new item through which the playing of Minecraft games will become pleasant. An enhancement in the playing experience is possible for the gamers.

Last words 

In a nutshell, the players have to follow the steps to create a loom for Minecraft games. Do not forget that there is no need to create a table or furnace for playing games.

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