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How To Make Honeycomb in Minecraft ?


Minecraft has changed the way of gaming in recent years. Minecraft has proved that simple gameplay with all the crazy features can work way better than an intensified graphical game.

How To Make Honeycomb in Minecraft

This game offers interactive challenges that you can find in daily life like the need for essential items. One has to collect all the necessary items in the game to craft more powerful items.

Among all the key things that you need to play Minecraft, Honeycomb might not be the most popular one, but when you need it, there is no substitute for the same. You can master the gameplay by learning the basics.

Meanwhile, you can make a honeycomb by following the below-given guide. Let’s start by learning about the places where you can find honeycomb and then heading over to the procedure.

Places to Search for Honeycomb

There are a total of three places where you can find honeybees and it is also the same place to look for honeycombs. To begin, you need to play Minecraft in survival mode. Here are the top three places to look for –

  • Plains
  • Flower Forest
  • Sunflower Plains

There are two types of trees in this game that have honeycomb which are oak trees and birch trees. Once you have spotted a honeycomb, it is time to get it.

Holding Shears to Extract Honeycomb

For the next step, you will need sheers for this work. If you don’t have a shear, then you should get it first. You can’t get a honeycomb without a shear.

  • As a honeybee enters into bee next, it will be making honey. There are lots of bees doing the same thing and the honeycomb will start dripping honey.
  • If you find dripping, then it is the right time to get your shear out. On a PC, left-click on the bee nest and hold it to extract.
  • You will get a maximum of 3 honeycombs out of a bee next by this method. You can keep collecting more by following the same method.

You can follow this method to make a honeycomb. Make sure that you are using the right method based on the platform. The only change in the extraction method is when you have a different platform. You can move honeycomb to the inventory and use it later as per your requirement. We hope this guide will help you learn the easiest way.

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