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How to Brew Potions in Minecraft ?

Potions are very useful for players in Minecraft. These items can improve your health and let you breathe underwater comfortably. Potions are available in many types and can be brewed using a brewing stand in Minecraft. However, it is a long task because it requires many ingredients. Here is how to collect all these ingredients and brew potions in Minecraft. 

Brew Potions in Minecraft

Making the Items Needed to Brew Potions: 

Brewing Stand: 

The first thing you will need in this process is a brewing stand. To get a brewing stand collect three cobblestone blocks a blaze rod. Then place them on the crafting table. Place three cobblestone blocks in the boxes of the bottom row and place the blaze rod in the center of the middle row. After that, you will get a brewing stand. 

Glass Bottles: 

These are the next component you need in this process. To brew potions, you need three glass bottles. First, get three glass blocks and put them in the crafting grid to get glass bottles. Place two glass blocks in the first and last boxes of the middle row and place the last glass block in the middle of the third row. Now, you will get three glass bottles. Fill them with water before going to the next step. To do that, hold a glass and right-click on the water. 

Blaze Powder: 

The next thing you will need is blaze powder. Go to the crafting grid and simply place one blaze rod in any box to get blaze powder.

After making these items, you will need to collect Nether wart by visiting Nether Fortresses.  

Now you have collected all the items required to brew potions. So, let’s start the brewing process of potions. 

Brewing Awkward Potion: 

This is the basic potion that you need to make all other types of potions. Here is how to brew this potion. 

  • Right-click on the brewing stand to open it. 
  • Then place the water bottles in the boxes at the bottom of the stand. 
  • Now, put the blaze powder in the box that has a fire symbol on it.
  • Lastly, place the Nether wart in the top box of the brewing stand. 
  • With this, your brewing process is completed, and you will get an awkward potion. 

Although this potion has no effect, you can use it to brew other potions. All potions that can be brewed in Minecraft are divided into three types as per their effect – positive effect, negative effect, and mixed effect. 

Positive effect potions are drinkable and throwable. You can use these potions to improve your health and throw them at your friends with low health. 

Negative effect potions are throwable in nature. However, you can make them drinkable using awkward potions. Mixed effect potions combine both positive and negative effects. This way, you can use different potions according to their effectiveness.

Making potions in Minecraft is useful, although it is a lengthy process. There are different Potions for different purposes, such as potions to enhance health, night vision, water breathing, strength, and many more.  

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