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How to Make Candles in Minecraft ?


You often need a light source in Minecraft, and there are many options available. People use torches, lanterns and some people use candles as well. The best part about candles is that you can dye them in all 16 colour options. It is pretty simple to make the candle, and in this article, we have listed the detailed steps to make the candles in Minecraft.

How to Make Candles in Minecraft

Steps to Make Candles in Minecraft

Let us now look at the steps to make candles in Minecraft.

  • Material Required – You need a honeycomb and a string to make the candles. We have shared the process, assuming you already have a crafting table.
  • Honeycomb – The first important thing here is to get the honeycomb. To get the honeycomb, you will need to find a beehive. They are often available in plains, flower forests and sunflower plains. Click on the beehive, and you will be able to obtain a honeycomb.
  • String – The next important thing to make the candle is the string. You can obtain string by breaking cobwebs, slaying spiders or by fishing. The easiest way to find the string is by slaying spiders.
  • Crafting Candles – Open the crafting table grid and place the honeycomb in the centre of the grid. Place the string above the honeycomb, and the candle will be crafted.

How to Use Candles in Minecraft?

After you have obtained the candle, you can use them. It is possible to place as many as four candles in a single location. The candles in Minecraft burn indefinitely, so you would not have to worry about the candles melting down. A single candle emits a level 3 light, and if you place four candles together, you will get a level 12 light. In addition, you can also colour the candle using any of the dyes available. If you would like to have a coloured candle, you would need to place a candle with a dye in the crafting grid. The final result will be a candle that would emit coloured light.

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This is how you can make the candle. You can use the flint and steel to light up the candle. Alternatively, if you would like to extinguish the candle, you can use water or right-click on the candle. Please note that if you place multiple candles together, you will notice that the height of each candle is different. Don’t worry about the candle melting down and disappearing, as the candles are an inexhaustible light source.

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