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How to make cyan dye in Minecraft ?

Clear from the name Cyan Dye is a type of dye in Minecraft that is used on wool for dyeing purposes. One can find that there are many ways to make this game interesting and if you are having a hard time finding all the essential items in this game, then you can easily master the game by following our step-by-step guide made for beginners and intermediate gamers.

How to make cyan dye in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you need items to craft more and better items. You can collect all the required materials within the game; however, some constrain might occur for different modes and platforms. Here, you will learn the easy way to make a cyan dye in Minecraft and use it in the right way.

Items Required to Make Cyan Dye

You will need two items to make cyan dye in Minecraft and each time you create the cyan dye, you will get two pieces of the same. It means you can keep creating more by following the same steps. Here are the required ingredients –

  • 1 Green Dye
  • 1 Blue Dye

Yes, you will need two different types of dye and when you mix them, you get the desired colour. It is also the same thing in real life if you mix green with blue, you get a cyan colour.

Guide to Make Cyan Dye

Here are three simple steps, you can follow to make cyan dye.

Step 1 – Crafting Menu

If you are playing this game for a while, you might have seen that this game offers you a crafting menu to create new items. So, start by opening the crafting menu of the 3×3 grid to begin.

Step 2 – Place ingredients

You have a total of two ingredients and you can place them in any order. However, this method works the best on the most platform.

  • First of all, place a blue dye in the first box of the first row.
  • In the second box, place green dye.

The order must be similar to get the desired cyan dye color. In the old version of this game, there was no need for a specific order, but you will have to follow it in the recent update. Once you have successfully added both the ingredients, you can activate the process.

Step 3 – Move Cyan Dye to Inventory

After mixing both the colors, you will get two cyan colors and you can move them into the inventory.

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