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How to Make A Conduit in Minecraft ?

In Minecraft, you will need conduit power to defeat the masses underwater. To get this power, you need to make a conduit block. This will improve your power and allow you to fight against the hazardous crowd. Therefore, they are very useful but a little tough to make. When you decide to dive into underwater, you must have a conduit to give you all the required things to play underwater. So, let’s learn how to craft a conduit in Minecraft.

How to Make A Conduit in Minecraft

Things Required to Make A Conduit: 

Before heading to the making process of conduit, you need to collect the required things to craft it. For this, you will need 8 Nautilus Shells and 1 heart of the sea. Collecting these items can be hard, but here is how to get them. 

Nautilus Shells: 

To collect nautilus shells, you can perform fishing or kill the sunk fishes that have Nautilus shells. However, it is not that easy because you will hardly get this opportunity. So, you can choose an option out of these two at your convenience. Also, you can collect Nautilus shells from roaming merchants, although it will be harder than the other two options. However, the choice is yours how you want to get these items. 

Heart of The Sea: 

Probably collecting a heart of the sea is a bit difficult compared to collecting nautilus shells because the only way to get this is from the hidden treasure boxes. Moreover, finding a treasure box is the difficult part of this step. But you can look for a treasure explorer map to get a treasure chest. You can get this map from a villager who can sell it to you or underwater shipwrecks. Otherwise, you can dig the sand beaches to get a treasure box under that. 

Crafting A Conduit: 

Once you have collected all these items, you can start the making of the conduit. Follow these steps to get a conduit. 

  • Go to the crafting grid and place the items in it in a specific pattern. First, place three nautilus shells in the top row. 
  • Then place the heart of the sea in the middlebox of the second row and the remaining nautilus shells in the remaining boxes of the middle row, and all boxes of the last row.
  • Now, you have completed the crafting of the conduit. Move it to the inventory and start using it. 

With a conduit, you can get a better vision while playing underwater. Also, it will help you to breathe comfortably and give you the power to fight with underwater mobs. Apart from that, a conduit can improve your speed of mining in water. All these features can help players to play underwater with ease. 

By making a conduit, you can get all the required powers to deal with mobs in the water. After making a conduit, you can build a conduit power. To do that, get 57 Prismarines and place them on all sides of the conduit. This will activate this block and give you its effect.

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