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How to Craft A Brewing Stand in Minecraft ?

Brewing stands are a brilliant tool in Minecraft to give you a better experience. This stand helps you to brew different types of concoctions as per your needs. The blends brewed using this stand are great to restore your health and improve your capability. Moreover, they can improve your breathing ability in the water and enhance your overall gaming experience. So brewing stand is a crucial thing to have in this game.

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In this guide, you can learn the making of a brewing stand in Minecraft. 

To make a brewing stand, you will need one blaze rod and three cobblestone blocks. So first collect these items and then go for the crafting process of a brewing stand. 

Collecting Blaze Rods:

To collect blaze rods, you will need to kill blazes in the Nether. In the Nether, you can find six types of mobs, and those are blazes, skeletons, magma cubes, zombified piglins, ghasts, and wither skeletons. Out of these six mobs, you can identify blazes by their black eyes and yellow skin. Unlike other mobs in the Nether, blazes don’t get hurt by fire or lava. They can be hurt by typical weapons and snowballs. By killing one blaze, you can get one blaze rod. So, if you want to craft more than one brewing stand, then you can kill more blazes. 

Collecting Cobblestone Blocks: 

Getting cobblestone blocks is very easy. You can find these items in Strongholds, NPC Villages, dungeons, and the area where water and lava meet. To get cobblestone blocks, you will need to mine stone blocks in these areas using a pickaxe. 

Making A Brewing Stand: 

When you have all the required items to craft a brewing stand, you can start the process by launching the crafting menu in Minecraft. 

  • In the first step, go to the crafting table of Minecraft. Here you will need to place the ingredients to get the brewing stand. 
  • Now, add the collected items in the boxes in the right sequence. Leave the boxes in the top row empty. Then start pacing the ingredients from the second row. 
  • First, add the blaze rod to the center box of the middle row in the grid. Then place the cobblestone blocks in the bottom row of the grid. 
  • After placing all the items in the crafting table properly, you can see the brewing stand in the result. Now bring it to the inventory to use it. 

So, this is the way to make a brewing stand in Minecraft. Once you have it, you can make different potions like splash, lingering, and other potions. 

When you right-click on the brewing stand, it will open, and you can brew some potions in it. Now, you can prepare different potions in it like the potion of healing, potion of fire resistance, potion of night vision, potion of water breathing, potion of invisibility, potion of regeneration, potion of strength, etc. according to your requirements. However, all potions are not possible to brew in the brewing stand. Some potions you will need to find in the game instead of brewing.
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