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How to Make A Bookshelf in Minecraft ?

In Minecraft, you can also make bookshelves for a variety of purposes. You can also use a bookshelf to get more enchantments by placing them near the enchanting tables. You can also use the bookshelf to decorate your house as well. It is also very simple to make the bookshelf. So, to help you, we have documented the detailed steps to making a bookshelf. Scroll down and check it out below.

How to make A Bookshelf in Minecraft?

How to Make A Bookshelf in Minecraft

You can follow the steps listed below to be able to make a bookshelf.

  • Material Required – The material required to make a bookshelf is three books, a crafting table, and six wooden planks.
  • Collecting Sugar Cane – The first step is to gather the sugar cane. You will find tall green plants growing near the water, and you can harvest them and you would need nine sugar canes to make a book.
  • Making Paper – Using the sugarcane plane, you need to make paper. You can do this with the help of the crafting table. Place the sugarcane in the middle row of the crafting table grid, and this will make paper for you. Keep crafting paper until you have bamboo.
  • Making Books – After you have enough paper, you can turn it into a book. If you are playing the Minecraft pocket edition, you only need to place three pieces of paper in the vertical column. However, if you are playing Minecraft on a PC or the PS console, then you would need leather too. The leather can be crafted by killing a cow, and the combination of 3 paper and one cow will give you a book.
  • Alternative to Crafting Book – If you don’t wish to craft a book, you have an alternative. Villages in Minecraft often have libraries. You can use an axe to harvest the books, and this way, you can avoid crafting your books.
  • Making Bookshelf – This is the last step of the process. To get the bookshelf, open the crafting grid. Place the books in the middle row and place the planks in the first and the third row. This will give you a bookshelf. If you don’t have a plank, you can then convert the log into a plank with the help of logs and a crafting table.


This is how you can create a bookshelf. You can now use the bookshelf near the enchantment table, and you can then, for this, need to place the bookshelf two squares away from the table. You can also explore the other different uses of the bookshelf and comment below on how you prefer to use it.
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