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How to Make A Shield in Minecraft ?

A shield is a defensive item that can be used as armor, and you can stay protected against the attacks after you deploy the Shield. Since it is so useful, we get a lot of queries about how to make a shield in Minecraft. We have shared the detailed process to make a shield in Minecraft, and you can check it out below.

How to make A Shield in Minecraft?

Making Shield is a slightly complicated process, but you can check out the steps below to make it easy for yourself to make the Shield.

  • Material Required – The first important thing here is to gather the material to make a shield. You will need the below-listed things for making the Shield.
    • 1 Iron Ore
    • 3 Logs
    • 1 Furnace
    • 1 Coal or Charcoal
  • Wooden Plank – You need to start by making the wooden plank. To do this, you can place the log into the crafting grid. This will give you wooden planks. Now you can create a crafting table by placing four wooden planks in the crafting menu.
  • Pickaxe – The next step is to make the pickaxe. You can make this by using the sticks and the planks. Once you have the pickaxe, go ahead and find the cobblestone.
  • Furnace – If you have collected the eight pieces of cobblestone, you will be able to make a furnace. You can do this by placing the eight cobblestones in all the corner slots of the crafting grid. Once you have the furnace, place it on the table.
  • Stone Pickaxe, Coal, and Iron – In this step, you can combine three cobblestones with two sticks, making you a stone pickaxe. This is required to mine the coal and iron ore. If you don’t find coal, you can also use charcoal. You would need to smelt the iron ore and get the ingot out of it. Open the furnace and place coal at the bottom and the ore on the top.
  • Final Step – The final step is to make the Shield. For that, open the crafting menu. Place the iron ingot in the middle of the top row and place a wooden plank on both sides. In the middle row, add three planks. In the last row, place a plank in the middle. This will convert the material in the Shield.


Now, you will have a shield. You can use this Shield to stop the projectiles and melee attacks. The Shield will protect you from taking damage from attacks. However, you must know that the Shield would lose durability with every attack; hence it is important to check the Shield regularly.

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