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How to make a map in Minecraft ?

Minecraft is a platform that allows people to pre-generate the world that gives them freedom, creativity, expression, and infinite. It’s a creation game that includes many things to make yourself. You can follow your imagination to keep going in the game. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a map in Minecraft. Take a look.
How to make a map in Minecraft

The tools and ingredients used for making a map or as follows –

The two primary ingredients used are the crafting table and a furnace. The former one is available below left or the latter one at right.

  • The next step uses the four iron ore blocks and Redstone dust for creating a map.
  • Get your hands on the nine sugar cane stalks to create the map.
  • The last thing you need is the fuel to burn the furnace.


Follow the steps to create your map –

Step 1: Firstly, open the furnace by adding the iron ore from the top square and fuel from the bottom square. There are various types of powers to take into use, but you can go for charcoal for creating the map.

Step 2: The furnace will play the role automatically that is useful for creating the iron bars. The furnace will continue to burn until the fuel is depleted or you exist in the furnace. To complete the process, drag the bars in the inventory.

Step 3: The next step for creating a map in Minecraft involves the usage of the crafting table. Take the four iron bars and the red stone dust to put them on the crafting table. After you insert all these items into the table, the compass will create the directions.

Step 4: To complete the process, you need to drag the compass down in the inventory. But, the making is not completed yet; it is important to add a few other items to complete the mapping process.

Step 5: To create the sheet of paper, it is vital to add the three stacks of sugar cane to the crafting table by opening it. Ensure to insert it into the bottom squares. Each sugar cane stack will create a single sheet of paper. You can drag this paper into the inventory.

Step 6: Now, select a Compass in the inventory and finish it by dragging the new empty map. This is how you can make the map from Minecraft.

The above-mentioned information is regarding creating maps in Minecraft.

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