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How to Make A Circle in Minecraft ?

Minecraft lets you unleash your creativity, which is why it became so popular. Even though Minecraft is a pixelated game, it still allows you to make circles, and you can use it for various purposes. The circles would never be truly round, but they will be very close to what you can call a circle. Scroll ahead and learn about making circles in Minecraft.

How to Make A Circle in Minecraft

How to make A Circle in Minecraft?

We have shared the steps that you can follow to make circles in Minecraft. Here are the details

  • Material Required – You can make a circle using any building block. So, start by using whatever you have.
  • Number of Blocks – After deciding the number of blocks you want to use to make the circle, go ahead and place them perpendicular on both sides. It should be as if you are making a plus sign.
  • Making Circle – In this step, you would want to start at the tip of the plus sign. Start by adding the blocks on the top and joining them with the adjacent edge in a circular manner. You need to join the corner of the two blocks to get a perfect circular shape. You would have to place an additional block in each quadrant to complete the circle.
  • Final Touch – You would now have the boundary of the circle. In the next step, you can modify the circle. You can make it follow or fill it with the blocks. So, it is pretty simple to make a circle in Minecraft.

Can I Also Make a Sphere?

Yes, it is possible to make a sphere in Minecraft. It is similar to making a circle, but the only difference is that the sphere is a 3D figure. You would have to add multiple levels before you start building the circle, and at every level, you would have to build a circle of a different size. You can start by making a column of the blocks. After that, you can make a solid circle on top and the bottom. Start by connecting the top with the bottom, and your job will be done.


So, this is how you can create a circle or a sphere. It is pretty simple to make the circle or the sphere, and it also shows that you know what you are doing. The only challenge is that you would need a lot of blocks while making a circle. You can experiment with different shapes like a cylinder and other options.

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