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Top Minecraft Cheats and Hacks Swindling 2020

With Minecraft being the behemoth of a game that it is, it’s bound to happen that there would be a few cheats or hacks that players would exploit to further their gameplay experience or, instead, make it easier for them. So with 2020 almost coming to a close, let’s look at the top Minecraft cheats and hacks that players just can’t stop themselves from using.

So let’s get started at the hottest cheats and hacks that are readily available for you to use and abuse while you enjoy roaming the land that you and your friends have created. After all, you wouldn’t be banned from using them anyway. That’s what makes them so great!

Top Minecraft Cheats and Hacks Swindling 2020

Kill anything, or anyone

If you’re having a hard time defeating that irritating mob that keeps ganking on you while you just do your thing in the world, this command is a god-send for you. By typing “/kill” space and the name of the baddie, it will instantly give you the satisfaction of seeing the monster or mobs that are chasing you within a 20-meter radius fall. If that’s not a great example of Minecraft cheats  for you, nothing is.

Traveling made easy

Is the Minecraft world too big for you? Then good thing there is a command that can ease your toons tired 3D legs. By typing “/tp” space, then either the coordinates or a player’s name. It will instantly go to where your desired location would be in. Pretty neat for players who would prefer instant fun than roaming around all alone.

Underwater World

If you ever want to try something new, try typing in “Atlantis” and see where it takes you; quick hint, it’s underwater, your toon can swim, and you will be having a ton of fun! Be transported to a different world that you usually wouldn’t be allowed to venture in. The code will make the game more enjoyable and make the world a much bigger experience to immerse yourself in.

I come in peace

Have you ever thought of the mobs in the game as a little bit too pesky for you while you try and enjoy playing the game in peace? Well, the developers have got you covered; by typing in “/difficulty peace” as a command, it would instantly make any terrifying mob stop in their tracks and pretend that you aren’t even there.

There are four modes to the difficulty, and it would be up to you if you choose to use them or not, starting from peaceful, comfortable, familiar, and challenging. Whatever mood you are in when playing Minecraft, you can always change your modes in the game.

Become a top wrangler

By typing a simple command, any mob in front of you will be able to be your mount and transport you anywhere you want to go. If you are aching for an adventure with your trusted mount buddy, go ahead and type “/ride,” and you are all set!

Never has been calling a cab so comfortable in the world of Minecraft. That’s if they had cabs, to begin with, anyway. After all, people play the game to escape from reality, or just be as creative as can be. Minecraft’s codes are tools that can be used to accomplish that goal faster and make the grind a little bit more forgivable for newer players.


With all that is going on in Minecraft’s world, it is a great help for players old and new to be able to have the so-called cheats or hacks that are essential and will always be part of the game. Think of it as something that you may or may not use depending on the situation. Players are split as to either use them or just forget about it, but one thing is for sure for all. It’s that it’s a welcome addition to the game regardless of your preferences.

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