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How To Make A Jack O Lantern In Minecraft ?

In the Minecraft game, a jack o’ lantern is one of the main building blocks. The creation of the blocks is easy for all the players. The players can follow a tutorial for making the blocks. Moreover, they can play the games with the tool on different Minecraft versions and platforms. As a result, there is complete support provided to get a pleasant experience in Minecraft games.

Before you start making the blocks, the players should collect some items. It will allow you to get success in getting the tool to begin following the steps.

How To Make A Jack O Lantern In Minecraft

Required materials for the building blocks 

  • One torch
  • One Craved Pumpkin

These are the two main materials for the creation of the blocks. Remember to use a pumpkin instead of a carved pumpkin to craft the tool. After that, you can follow the steps to get the blocks.

How to craft a jack o’ lantern in Survival mode in the Minecraft game?

The following are the steps you should follow to craft the blocks. It will deliver success in the playing of the games.

  1. Opening the crafting menu 

The foremost thing you should do is open the crafting table. You can have the crafting grid of a 3*3 table for the making of the building blocks.

Adding the items to make the blocks 

Once you create the crafting grid, you need to add the items. The filling of the things is in the correct pattern. The position of the pumpkin and torch is in the exact pattern as per the instructions. In the first row, there is a carved pumpkin in the middlebox.

In the second row, you can place the torch in the middlebox. It is the main recipe for creating the blocks. The box will appear to the right after filling the crafting grid.

Move the Jack O’ Lantern to the inventory 

At last, you should add the blocks to the inventory. Easy access to the tool is possible when you add the item to the inventory. An enhancement in the playing of Minecraft games is also possible with building the blocks.

Thus, these are the steps that you need to follow for creating the tool. You can name the tool with a unique ID and Data value. The playing of the games is possible on different versions and platforms without any problem.

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