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How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft ?

The nether portal is the doorway between the Overworld and the nether. The portal building will allow the players to move quickly between two worlds. You can explore different ways to decorate the nether. It can enhance the playing experience of the Minecraft players. If you also want to make and decorate the doorway, then you can check out the instructions.

How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft

These instructions will allow you to collect the required items for the doorway. Then, the players can use them in different versions of the game. So, let us know about the items you need to collect for making the doorway.

Materials required for making a nether portal

  • 14 Obsidian
  • One flint and steel
  • One fire charge

These are the materials for the creation of the Minecraft games. The gathering of the items can result in successfully making the doorway. Now, check out the steps to make the doorway as per the needs and requirements.

Steps to make a nether portal in Minecraft 

  1. Build the obsidian frame 

First of all, the players have to build the frame for the nether portal. The base should have 4 Obsidians wide and the sides of the nether portal. The design of the frame will include 14 blocks for the perfect look. Ensure that the building of a small structure to stand on when placing the obsidian for the top of the nether portal.

  1. Activating the nether portal 

After the building of the frame, there is a need to activate the portal. It is possible with flint and steel to successfully activate the nether portal. The activation of the doorway will depend on the Minecraft version on which you are playing the games.

  1. Walk through the nether portal 

For the best use of the nether portal, you have to jump through the purple area. Transportation to the nether area will become easy for the players. Once you enter the nether, you will get another doorway to return to Minecraft. As a result, the starting of the enjoyment is possible with the nether portal doorway.

The final words 

In a nutshell, you can say there is a need to collect the required items for the start of playing games. Exploring fun and enjoyment is possible for all players while playing on different Minecraft servers. As a result, an enhancement in the playing experience is possible for the players.

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