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How to Make Stairs in Minecraft ?


Stairs are similar to ladders as they can help you gain elevation in any area. In Minecraft, you can make 31 different types of stairs, and most of them have a similar pattern. You can even merge multiple stairs to create an easy transition for yourself. In addition, you will find stairs naturally in nether forts and villages.

Steps to Make Stairs in Minecraft

How to Make Stairs in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make Stairs in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

  • Material Required – To make stairs, you need six blocks of any material. The material should be the same. You can use any wood or stone to make the stairs. You can claim back the material after destroying the stairs.
  • Wood Blocks – If you want to take the stairs from wood, collect the log by cutting the trees. Place the log in the crafting menu, and you will get the wooden blocks. You will need six such blocks to make stairs.
  • Stones – You can even gather other building blocks like stones, bricks or similar items to make the stairs.
  • Making Stairs – You would now need to open the crafting menu to make the stairs. Place one block in the first block of the first row. Place blocks in the first and second boxes of the middle row and place blocks in all three boxes in the third row. This will give you four stairs.

How to Make Spiral Stairs in Minecraft?

If you have to make spiral stairs, that is possible in Minecraft. Start the process by laying a foundation of horizontal blocks. You would then need to create a vertical pillar of the height you want for the staircase. Start placing the spiral stairs and blocks together consistently to get a spiral staircase. You can use them in your home or a fort, giving a classic look to the structure.


Earlier, we mentioned that there are 31 different types of stairs available in Minecraft. These stairs can be made using different materials. You can explore all these different materials and options and craft different types of stairs. So, make the transition easy for you by creating the stairs and using them instead of the ladders. Please note that you will not be able to make stairs with obsidian blocks. Another advantage of the stairs is that the risk of falling and injuring the player is much lower when compared with the ladders.

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